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Friday, March 09, 2007


Hello everyone! Sorry about the recent lack of posting on this blog. Ive been working on PHP coding a new open source social networking script, which will power a new site I have in mind. which I will let you all in on when its done. Keep your eyes open for it. In the mean time, we are coming up on the release of Ubuntu Feisty and I will be around to cover that.

Recently I purchased a new test rig from MadTux, its a 3.2ghz Celeron system bundled with FreeSpire for $289.00. This will become my main linux testbed, so that I can try out all of the newest distros for you all. I figured having a mid-to-low range desktop will give me a better idea of what the general computer owner would encounter using new distros on older hardware.

Talk to you all soon. I'll be posting the unboxing when it shows up.