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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Results of XGL Compiz experiment

Ok, the job is done. I now have a fully functioning OpenGL accelerated desktop on my Ubuntu Dapper install.

... and MAN IS IT SLICK!!

Considering that I am running my nearly ancient 64mb Nvidia card, I was expecting like 10-15 frames per second out of it. However I was greeted with a very nice surprise. The desktop was pretty stable, and nice and fast and responsive. Honestly, even with the effects turned on, GNOME in general felt a bit more responsive.

And I actually got some attention from it too. I did the install while I was grabbing coffee from Starbucks, and a guy there stopped and asked me what I was running. I told him that it was Ubuntu Linux, and explained that it is all based on open source and free software. At which point, I heard my favorite line of the night:

"Wait, you mean this whole thing is FREE?"

So I explained that, yes, indeed it is free, and proceeded to give him one of the extra Dapper cd's I had in my bag. I explained to him that Linux won't run his favorite Windows software in most cases without some work, and that the cool desktop effects werent installed by default (yet), but that there is a lot of cool stuff to do in Linux and that he should try it out. I handed him one of my business cards and told him that if he had any questions about it to get in touch with me.

To my surprise later that night, I recieved an email from the guy, thanking me for the cd, and that he had gotten it all installed dual-booting with Windows without any help.

Gotta love spreading the word!


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